November 29, 2009


Guess who wrote a novel in a month?

Sixteen pages today, seventeen yesterday and twenty-seven the day before.

Felt like the sprint at the end of a marathon. Now it feels strange to be done running, er, writing.

But I am officially done (until I begin revising, of course). Typed the final words at 10:30 this morning.

Here are the numbers:

Today's word count: 4,077
Total word count: 52,746
Goal: 50,000 words
Days remaining: 1

Today's Trivia Question: What does penultimate mean?

Answer to Yesterday's Trivia Question: Most babies are born in the month of August.

Tomorrow, I'll share what I learned during National Novel Writing Month.


LisaB said...

Wow! I am so proud of you! This is incredible--congratulations! You finished a day early, and November isn't even one of the longest months! And on behalf of all the August babies, thanks for showcasing us on your big day!
Lisa B

Wild About Words said...


You rock! Thanks for following along. And how is your writing coming?

Hope your holiday was very happy and filled with your fun family.

All best,