July 16, 2007

Sumo Good Times

What a delightful time I had at The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens with my friends, Deb, Micah and Christina.

We meandered around the tranquil gardens, ate delicious food at the outdoor café and experienced the most extraordinary drumming group with the backdrop of a spectacular sunset.

I even had fun exploring the gift shop, purchasing green tea, a bookmark and this little, um, er, large friend to keep me company while I work.

He’s been great company. And just yesterday, he spent the afternoon reading my new book. (Apparently, it left him smiling.)

But the best thing my new friend does is remind me of the writer’s most important mantra: B.I.C. Butt in Chair.

Hmmm. Guess it’s time to get back to work and produce sumo good children’s books!

What unusual items do you keep at your work space for inspiration?


Anonymous said...

Hey Donna,
The Morikami sounds wonderful! I haven't been there in years but you've inspired me. I'm going on my next free weekend. Oh, wait...what about BIC? Okay...I'll finish the book and then I'll go. I love your new friend with the big wedgie.

From your old friend with the big wedgie,

Jill N.

Anonymous said...

i love your new writing companion (sumo) with the big smile (on both ends). hope he keeps on inspiring you, and brings u good luck. if nothing else, may he make u smile whenever u look upon him.... gotta love the sumo guy!!!
from your #1 fan
selwyn :-)

Sylvia said...

Love that benevolent Sumo squatter! Cheeky fellow, though! Turn your back on that one and he'll get up to mischief. All the more reason to keep BIC today.


David LaRochelle said...

Hi Donna,

That summo wrestler seems very pleased with your upcoming book! CONGRATULATIONS! What a wonderful idea for a middle grade novel. And I love the look of the girl on the cover! I look forward to reading it when it comes out next year.

As far as what unusual items I keep around for motivation while I write...I'm currently working on a middle grade novel about a magic ring and while I write I often wear my father's wedding ring for inspiration.

Happy belated birthday, and congratulations on the birth of your blog!

David LaRochelle

Stephanie J. Blake said...

What a cute little sumo muse. I blogged about muses a few days ago on my blog. How funny!