July 31, 2007

Quotes for Writers

A few quotes for writers by writers:

“Writing is harder than anything else; at least starting to write is. It’s much easier to wash dishes. When I’m writing I set myself a daily quota of pages, but nine times out of ten I’m doing those pages at four o’clock in the afternoon because I’ve done everything else first . . . But once I get flowing with it, I wonder what took me so long.” -- Kristin Hunter

“It’s a reactive thing, like a Geiger counter; you click whenever you come close to whatever you were built to do.” -- Stephen King

“Today is a dawdly day. They do seem to alternate. I do a whole of a day’s work and then the next day, flushed with triumph, I dawdle . . . The crazy thing is that I get about the same number of words down either way.” – John Steinbeck

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