February 7, 2008


The countdown begins!

Each day until the on-sale date for AS IF BEING 12 ¾ ISN’T BAD ENOUGH, MY MOTHER IS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT (February 12th), I’ll post a book-related tidbit.

Today’s tidbit is a review from the Kansas City Star. Thank you, Kim Ossi!

Pre-teen politics

Politics! Election! Vote! That's all that's on TV these days. If you're tired of seeing the Democrats and Republicans at each others' respective throats, escape to a book. A topical book, mind you, to give you some perspective.

"As if being 12 3/4 isn't bad enough, my mother is running for president!" pretty much says it all. But the book by Donna Gephart (Delacorte Press, $15.99) is an insightful read - maybe not so much on being 12 3/4, but definitely on the experience of being in the public's eye.

We follow Vanessa Rothrock who, most unfortunately, is at that clumsy stage, where she's tripping over her feet, crushing on boys and needing her mother - who is otherwise occupied, with that whole presidential campaign thing. Did we mention she has a Secret Service shadow at all times to protect her? So besides all the normal teenage mayhem, Vanessa starts getting scary, threatening letters. The drama is pitched and all we can do is sit on the edge of our chair as we frantically read along!

Look for the book in stores starting Feb. 12.

Kim Ossi writes for McClatchy-Tribune News Service. You can write to her at kossi@mctinfoservices.com.

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