July 6, 2008

Big Birthday Blog-O-Rama

Today is my blog’s one year birthday and my, um, slightly more than one-year-birthday. (I’m 43.) As a child, a July 5th birthday meant no one showed up at my birthday party except the one kid whose family wasn't away on vacation. As an adult, though, having a birthday around a major holiday is a lot of fun because no one is working and everyone is in the mood to celebrate. (Just read that Jordan Sonnenblick's birthday was July 4th. Happy Birthday, Jordan. Loved Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie. And really loved the letter you wrote in School Library Journal about the state of education.)

Today's Birthday-O-Rama went something like this:

Oldest son began the day by making me pudding. Doesn’t everyone crave pudding for breakfast on her birthday?

Youngest son created Jake Bucks. I can trade them for anything in the Jake Land Catalog – reading together, him taking the dog for a walk, him preparing a meal, playing a game of Yahtzee together, etc. (And I can earn more Jake Bucks by having good parental behavior.)

Hubby got me great nerd gifts – a funny book about language, a funny political book on CD and magazines (about books).

Then hubby took the boys and me out to Vic & Angelo’s for lunch. Personable waiter. Delicous food. Fun times.

I don’t know what it is with my side of the family, but my sisters and father called and sang “Happy Birthday.” Badly. It was wonderful.

Friends and family called and sent e-mails. One friend gave me a book lover’s Scrabble mug -- perfect! I think the main character of my novel would have loved it. She also would have loved the mug with purple flowers given by another friend. (Yes, I drink lots of herbal tea while I write.) Another bud sent fun, funky jewelry from Maine. My writing pals showered me with flowers, gifts, strawberry shortcake and lots of love.

If you want to do something bookish to celebrate this holiday weekend, the Cedar Rapids Public Library was damaged by flooding. They desperately needs monetary donations to restock and repair. You can read about it at Meg Cabot's diary. (Scroll down to the June 30th entry.)

It’s been such a grand and glorious birthday. Thanks so much for the good wishes and thoughtful gifts and for reading this blog. My very first blog was about beginnings.

Today feels very much like a new beginning . . .


The Supreme Court of Awesome said...


Anonymous said...

I'm older. I win.

Wild About Words said...


You look younger. YOU win!


Obsessedwithlife said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Person I Have Never Met.