July 21, 2008

How to be Happy

Happiness. Everyone wants it, but isn’t sure how to achieve it.

Sometimes it’s plain hard to get your happy on. Once in awhile we need a nudge from a friend. Thanks, Linda. And an article from a magazine, like the one I read this weekend.

Yup, there are three things you can do today to get your happy on. I don’t recall the author, but here’s the gist of the article:

How to be happy by U. R. Smart . . .

1. Have someone to love. (This does not have to be a romantic love.)

2. Have something to do. (Cleaning bathrooms doesn’t count.)

3. Have something to look forward to. (Again. Bathroom cleaning is out.)

So, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to pet my dog, work on my new novel and look forward to an evening of Scrabble with this guy . . .

How are YOU going to get your happy on today?


Anonymous said...


Glad to know you're smiling!


Laurie Woodward said...

For me happiness is pretty close to yours. 1)Expressing love. (You know like the song "Shower the people you love with love")
2)Creative outlets like writing, dance, making music. 3)Work that is satisfying and fullfilling 4)Exercise.

Wild About Words said...


Glad you found the blog. And I love your ideas about what happiness is.

All best,