February 18, 2009

Ew, Gross and No Ghosts!

This is part of a container garden called "Pop's Patch" that I planted last month in our back yard. Today, like I do many days, I yanked off one of the lettuce leaves, popped it in my mouth, chewed and swallowed. Then I pulled off a neighboring leaf and turned it over. Little black bugs crawled all over it. Gulp.

Despite rinsing my mouth with water and mouthwash (Tom's of Maine, if you must know) and brushing my teeth vigorously, I can't get the feeling of tiny little bugs out of my mouth.

When I told my youngest son, he reminded me, "Oh that's not so bad. Remember yesterday when you ate almost a whole slice of bread before you noticed the green mold on it?"

Yeah. Thanks.

And because there is no possible artful transition, I'm going to forge ahead into the second part of this post.

For those loyal reader's of this blog (Diahnka, Myra and well . . . you know who you are), there were indeed no ghosts at the St. Augustine inn this past weekend.

Hubby gave me two gifts for Valentine's Day:

1. A night in an inn at St. Augustine, FL that was supposed to be haunted.
2. A cold.

The inn was lovely and old and had a balcony that looked out on a cobblestone alley. The cold was just annoying. In our room at the inn, there was one painting as you entered that kept tilting, but I think that was just because it was hung badly.

These are the things I forgot to take pictures of during out little getaway:

1. Our fabulous cousins -- Jo, Mark and Drew, who fed us and made us laugh and showed us really cool old family photos.

2. Our fine, fun friends the Mays -- Paul and his three amazing gals! -- who met us at this cool restaurant.

3. The gigantic fort at St. Augustine, built in, oh, the 1500s.

4. The inn where we stayed, the fabulous view of the water, the cool shops, the street musicians on practically every corner, the beautiful Spanish architecture . . .

You get the idea.

Here, in my infinite wisdom, are the three photos I did take:

1. Hubby, in front of the oldest wood school house in the country.

2. Me, in front of the oldest wood school house in the country.

3. A really cool vulture that we saw from the McDonald's drive-thru, when we stopped to get coffee for hubby.

Moral of these stories?

1. If you're going on vacation and need someone to take photos, don't ask me.

2. Don't eat bugs. (Or mold.)


Obsessedwithlife said...

I'm bad about taking pics too!

Hope you feel better!


Wild About Words said...

Thanks, Rach! Feel better already! Hope you're doing well, too.