February 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Book!

One year ago today, you came into the world . . . and into my mailbox!

You were welcomed by family and friends . . .

And all manner of goodies . . .

Because you came into the world, you afforded me opportunities I wouldn't have had otherwise, like meeting uber-passionate librarians at a cocktail party thrown by my publisher, Random House, at last year's ALA meeting in Philadelphia. I also had the pleasure of watching the award announcements, meeting the amazing people from Random House and getting to know these fine writers . . .

1. Liz Gallagher, who wrote The Opposite of Invisible
2. Maria Padian, who wrote Brett McCarthy: Work in Progress
3. E. M. Crane, who wrote Skin Deep

I also had the joy of giving a speech and workshop at the FL SCBWI conference and meeting the very funny and kind, Sid Fleischman.

What a busy year it's been! There were radio interviews, newspaper interviews and even a local TV interview. There were blog interviews and wonderful reviews, like these:

“Gephart mixes humor, intrigue and compassion in her entertaining first novel.” – Columbus Dispatch

“This entertaining novel offers believable middle school situations, a rip-roaring finale and a funny, memorable heroine.” – Buffalo News

“Fabulous middle-grade novel about an awkward spelling-bee champ whose governor mother is running for the Democratic nomination. Timely, funny and written in a great voice.” – Staff Pick at Children’s Book World

“Laugh-out-loud adventures combined with just the right amount of drama make this a great read.” – Minnesota Parent

There were book festivals, creative writing workshops and signings at indie bookstores in PA, NJ, OR, NY and of course, FL and many, many wonderful school visits.

Perhaps the finest moments throughout the year were e-mails, like this one from a young fan:

"I think it's the most awesome book I've ever read. I think it inspires young girls to be courageous. Your book has inspired me to make a difference in the world, and it gave me hope to be courageous, too."

Happy first birthday, book! Before you know it, you'll be out in paperback, reaching even more young readers. And best of all, early in 2010, you'll have a sibling -- HOW TO SURVIVE MIDDLE SCHOOL (WITHOUT GETTING YOUR HEAD FLUSHED), DEAL WITH AN EX-BEST FRIEND,UM, GIRLS AND A HEART-BREAKING HAMSTER.

Thanks everyone for helping make this such a memorable first year!



Dan R. said...


It's been a year already, and I'm as happy for you today as I was then. You deserve all the accolades, not only as a writer, but as a person, too.

Can't wait for your next book.

Dan R.

Wild About Words said...

Dan R. (aka the Axe Murderer) Have I ever told you how happy I am that you walked into our little critique group that day? Can't wait to celebrate Brown Pony's birth and many birthdays!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, but rather than celebrate 12 months later, I think you should celebrate in three weeks when it will be 12 3/4 months.

I'm proud of you. You worked hard for everything you got. Can't wait to go through all the fun again with book number 2.


Anonymous said...

Happy first birthday, little bookster!

And I love the title of the new one. LOL

Wild About Words said...

Thanks, Dan and Debby. Hey, how come everyone who's commented has a name that begins with "D"?

Mary Hershey said...

Happy Anniversary, Donna!

And, OMIGOD! I love your new upcoming title! I think you're going to beat me out for sure on longest title. My WIP title is a mere wisp compared to yours.
It's the BEST ever. You're a stitch, girl!

Hugs from the West Side,
Mary (which begins with ::M::, not ::D::

Wild About Words said...

Thanks for being a trendsetter! Can't wait to read your latest.
You rock!

Anonymous said...

happy first birthday!! exciting and busy year for you. Cant wait for the sibling book to come out!! you rock sis!!!

Danette Haworth said...


I LOVE the title for your next book!

Anonymous said...

huh. thanks for :))