December 30, 2009

A New Tax Deduction!!!

Our wonderful niece and nephew, Kim and Nick, had a baby girl, Samantha, this morning.

(Nick and Kim)

Nick is definitely prepared. He has his baby care tool belt . . .

(Nick is an amazing carpenter; he built an entire room in our home by himself in less than a week.)

The entire family is so happy and proud, but none moreso that my brother-in-law, Michael. Since Michael is an accountant, he responded to the happy news by saying, "Congratulations, you have a new tax deduction!"

(Proud grandpa, Michael, with his daughter, Kim.)

Welcome, baby Samantha! We are so proud of your parents.

And so very glad to meet you!!!


Anonymous said...

Donna, Thanks for the blogging about baby sam. We can't wait for all of the Gepharts to meet her so you guys better come up soon! Love,
Kim and Nick

Wild About Words said...

We can't wait to come up to meet Baby Sam!

Danette Haworth said...

Welcome Baby Samantha!

HA! I LOVE Nick's baby toolbelt. Hey, he should try QVC with that . . .