December 4, 2009


My agent sent me a copy of I CAN'T KEEP MY OWN SECRETS, six-word memoirs by teens. (Thanks, Tina!) Fascinating! Each entry feels like the germ of a novel idea.

"That river trip forever changed me." -- Cora C.

"Read the thesaurus on the toilet." -- Dan R.

"Token Asian, fat friend. Lovin' it." -- Jenny S.

"Found out I had cancer. Damn." -- Cornelius L.

"Allergic to reality; compelled by fiction." -- Ally O.

"Nerdy, obsessive, awkward. So much fun." -- Samantha P.

"Defined by numbers: Age, weight, SATs." -- Jocelyn P.

"Live in Arkansas; parents aren't related." -- Shane G.

Here's my six-word memoir: Will write for food. And Newbery.


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