November 29, 2010

Books for People Who Love to Write . . .

What do we writers LOVE to get for the holidays? Other than a quiet space and time to write?

We love books about writing!

Here are a few suggestions . . .

For general writing, how about these two classics from Stephen King and Anne Lamott?

Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott

If you need to learn classic story structure, you can't go wrong with McKee's book. It's a thick book with everything you need to know about creating the form of a good, solid story.

If writing for children is your thing, try this annual guidebook, which is loaded with instructional articles, markets, contests, etc.

2011 Children's Writer's and Illustrator's Market

And for fun, try this PUNderful book by Avi . . .

A Beginning, a Muddle and an End (The Write Way to Write Writing)
-- Avi

Please take a moment to share your favorite book(s) for writers in the comment section below. That way, when someone asks, "So, what would you like for the holiday?" we'll have a great resource from which to draw.


Amanda Coppedge said...

For plot I loved SCREENPLAY by Syd Field (good for fiction writers too).

Wild About Words said...

Thanks, Amanda! I found Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Mass a good one for instruction on plot, too.