February 18, 2011

Young Writers Workshop at the Library

When Carol, the head of the children's department at our local library, asked me to give a young writers workshop, I was delighted.

Carol and I have been friends for years, and I love Jupiter Library. It's where I took my kids when they were little. Now, they drive me there!

As the young writers workshop drew closer, more and more kids signed up. It seemed a certain teacher was giving extra credit. And practically a whole writing club (Thanks, Lori!) showed up. And homeschoolers and . . . OH MY!

We'd capped the event at 25 kids, but 35 kids (and parents) showed up.

It was so much fun.

We ate granola bars and had a blast brainstorming, creating quirky characters and playing a game that showed the power of nouns and verbs.

One young writer came up with a character who was 100 years old, but still stuck in kindergarten. Another handed me a book she'd written and asked me to take a look at it. Another asked how she could get published before she graduated from high school.

Everyone left with a page listing Internet resources, great books for young writers and tips for crafting good stories.

A huge thanks to Carol for inviting me, Lori for helping me, my friend Linda Marlow for being there and helping and to Ms. Bourne, our sons' third grade math teacher. They adored her. I adored her. When she walked into the room, I nearly fell over. But instead I gave her a big hug.

Thanks to all and . . . YOUNG WRITERS ROCK!


JennSalas said...

I didn't know you did children's writing workshops! Would you be interested in doing one for us over the summer?

Wild About Words said...

Jennifer, I love to do a writing workshop for you over the summer! Any time I can get back to your wonderful library is a good time. E-mail me and we'll work out times, details, etc.

Riley Roam said...

Sounds awesome!!! Wish I could have been there!

Wild About Words said...

Thanks, Jill. Wish you could have been there, too, although I know the kids loved when you and Kenny performed there!