April 27, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the HUGE FREE AUTHOR EVENT . . .

The best part of my day yesterday was a Skype visit with Mr. Frantz's 6th grade class in Pennsylvania. What an enthusiastic, book-loving teacher. And those kids -- amazing!

Here they are, making their best silly faces.

The worst part of my day occurred while I was trying to write at a local library, surrounded by fabulous children's books.

While wrangling with stubborn characters, youngest son called from home, informing me that one of the following culprits peed on the couch. Again!

I know, they are entirely too cute to get angry with.

Once I cleaned up the mess and the other assorted messes that cropped up, I was finally ready to sit with my laptop, my imagination and a hot cup of tea on the back patio.


Sheesh! Some daze, er, days are like that, aren't they?

Today was better.

It began at our local middle school. I had the great pleasure of listening to fantastic YA author, Chris Crutcher, speak to a few hundred eighth graders. That man can tell a story!

(Objects in photo are larger than they appear.)

Chris Crutcher is one of 24 authors and illustrators who will be speaking and signing at a huge FREE event, APRIL IS FOR AUTHORS. If you live in Palm Beach County, grab a kid or twelve and come to Palm Beach Gardens High School, Saturday, April 30th from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. to enjoy the festivities. I'll be there, speaking on a panel moderated by funny man, Frank Cerabino. Please stop by and say, "Hi!"

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