August 1, 2007

What a Visit!

This is my niece, Nicole:

One word to describe her and her week-long visit with us? FABULOUS!

During her stay, despite heat and summer storms, we managed to do the following:

1. Saw many animals, including an albino raccoon here.

2. Spotted a tiny frog, green lizard, skinny snake and colorful grasshopper (but no alligators) here.

3. Listened to a band play here and bought fresh squeezed lemon/limeade.

4. Played tennis and said things like:

“Maybe we should try to keep the ball on our own court.”

“Sure, whatever. This is fun.”

5. Shopped here. After only forty-five minutes at the mall, my sons got a giant bag of candy, coffee drinks and heaping bowls of ice-cream with money they’d saved. (I can imagine our dentist smiling with thoughts of paying off his Porsche extra early.) Nicole and I got a good laugh at how expensive everything was.

6. Floated in the calmest, clearest ocean and said things like:

“Ew, Nicole, there are fish swimming around my ankles.”

“Oh, Aunt Donna, they’re only fish.”

and . . .

“What’s that giant thing everyone on shore is pointing at?”

“OHMYGOD, I think it’s a barracuda.”


Here’s Nicole taking a photo of our cat, Jasmine:

Nicole loves animals and plans to have lots of them someday. For now, she helps some of them find homes here, like the dog she helped get adopted last Saturday – Hooper, which we affectionately nicknamed “Pooper” after he did you-know-what on the floor in the store.

And here’s Nicole’s favorite member of the family: Lady.

Lady is thinking: Can’t somebody please go into the garage and get me a dried chicken strip? Lady is NOT a vegetarian like her owners.

When not visiting us, Nicole goes to school here and makes some interesting pieces of art, like a giant toothbrush. (Hey, maybe our boys could use it to fend off giant cavities.)

And finally, here’s a picture of Nicole and me at the airport. I’m smiling, but inside I’m sad because it’s hard to live 1,200 miles away from someone you love so much.


nicole matthesen said...

i do agree it was a FABULOUS visit! there was no LINK LICKERS, which was def a plus. but i had such a great visit, i thank you so much for inviting me and showing me a good time. my aunt donna is the COOLEST! wahooo

Wild About Words said...

Thanks, Nic,

And notice how I made absolutely no mention of the fact that you flushed your sunglasses down the toilet.