October 16, 2008

School Visit

This morning, I had a wonderful school visit here . . .

First, I spoke to 300 K-2 students in the cafeteria. But really, it felt like only 299 students.

These three things were involved in my presentation:

1. Penguins
2. Gigantic Sunglasses
3. A Silly Hat

If you want to know how these things tie into my presentation, well, you're just going to have to invite me to YOUR school.

After that, I presented to approximately 300 3-5 students. But really, it felt like only 9,846,732 students.

A student from the photography club took my photo for their yearbook.

Then, I headed to the media center . . .

At times, it felt like I was in a jungle . . .

The only thing missing were these . . .

Although there were no zebras in the media center, there were ten enthusiastic young writers. We learned that nouns and verbs are the powerhouses of good writing. Then we created a zany fill-in-the-blank story using unusual nouns and powerful verbs. Finally, the students created character profiles and took off from there.

Overall, it was a fantastic visit. The staff and students at Whispering Pines rock!!! But I owe the biggest thanks to the media specialist, Mrs. Wegner, for getting in touch and dragging me, um, I mean inviting me to the school.

So, THANK YOU . . .

And thank you to the energetic, enthusiastic students at Whispering Pines Elementary!!!

Have a great weekend,


Mary Hershey said...

Sounds like quite the event! How fun--

Wish you lived out here or me over there so we could do a school visit together. It would be a blast! ;-]

Namaste, Donna!
Mary Hershey

Wild About Words said...

Thanks, Mary,

I wish I lived closer, too. But I will be there in spirit tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

thank you Donna I finally got a chance to read this. It has been book fair week as you know and I have been swamped!! And then there is always the things that have to be done at home. But thank you really we enjoyed your visit so much!! Barbara

Wild About Words said...

The visit was my pleasure, and I really enjoyed meeting you and the great kids at Whispering Pines Elementary.