April 14, 2010

30 Things on Launch Day

Sometimes, Launch Day is slightly less glamorous than one would imagine . . .

1. 6:25 -- Quick, take the puppies outside to . . . you know.

2. Get younger son off to school bus (after giving him moolah for lunch).

3. Feed puppies. Um, one more quick trip outside.

4. Throw on shorts and your "Be Careful or You'll End Up in My Novel" T-shirt.

5. Open card from hubby that specifically states: "Do not open until April 13th." Try not to cry at the sweet words hubby wrote about you and your special day.

6. Wish Hubby weren't away on business on Launch Day (or any other day).

7. Drive older son to school bus. (More moolah.)

8. Walk puppies . . . or let them walk you. When puppies chase squirrel, you will be reminded that yes, your back does still hurt from when you pulled it last week in weight-lifting class.

9. Back home, shove some yogurt, nuts and fruit down your gullet, grab a cup of green tea and GET TO WORK . . .

10. After one quick game of fetch with puppies.

11. Revise third novel -- deadline approacheth.

12. Take puppies out to . . . you know.

13. Practice talk for Erma Bombeck Humor Writer's Workshop this weekend.

14. Take puppies out to . . . you know.

15. Think about napping. What's that? Lawn guys arrive.

16. Uh-oh. Clean up the . . . you know . . . in the back yard. Quick!

17. Collapse in a heap, realizing how little you've accomplished so far. "Puppies, the sofa is NOT a chew toy!"

18. 11 a.m. Answer the doorbell and hush the barking puppies.

19. Allow mouth to drop down to toes because two of your best friends have incredible hamster/book-themed gifts in their arms.

Thank you so much, Carilynn and Holly!!!

20. Gush about wonderful, thoughtful, creative gifts, take photos and babble about how awful you look and how dirty your house is. But mostly gush about wonderful, thoughtful, creative gifts and your fantabulous friends.

Hamster wheel filled with delectable muffins and mini-breads all baked by Holly

Plexi-glass box filled with books to be autographed, a large cardboard cut-out of my book and a clever YouTube sticker on the front, to match my book's cover. Carilynn is the queen of presentation and clever themes.

21. Friends rush out, insisting, "We know you have a lot of work to do." And you do, but you'd rather hang out with friends (even if you are dressed like a homeless person and your house looks like it should be condemned by the Board of Health).

22. More puppy time.

23. More practice for upcoming talk and revisions for third novel.

24. 3:45 Meet your friend, Deborah, at local Barnes and Noble. Friend will greet you with hug and a dozen pink roses.

25. Discover that Barnes and Noble doesn't have a single copy of your book in stock . . . because they sold out immediately. More on the way. HOORAY!

Deborah, taking a photo of me while I was taking one of her.

Roses, from Deborah

26. Enjoy scrumptious sushi with Deborah.

27. Back home, LET THE PUPPIES OUT!

28. Read sweet note from your neighbor, who made dinner for you because she knew how busy you'd be with work and puppies and hubby out of town. (Think about how fortunate you are.)

29. Read thoughtful, encouraging e-mails, FB posts, etc. from the most lovely friends, colleagues and family you could ever hope for.

30. Relax. Finally. (Well, right after you let those puppies out.) "Puppies, the door frame is NOT a chew toy!"


Lyn South said...

Congrats on your launch day! What a fantastic post...and good luck with those puppies! :)

Lori said...

Donna, You guys are our "B.N.F." (Best Neighbors Forever). Congrats on the new book. Ordered a copy for Sophia. Looking forward to #3.

Wild About Words said...

Thanks Lyn and Lori and anyone else whose name begins with "L"

Sylvia said...

Hey Author Friend!

We've been cheering for you all week. Sorry our group couldn't join you to celebrate on Tuesday.
Hooray for your fabulous second novel. May it sell millions, live on to become a classic, and bring much happiness to its readers along the way.
Good luck for your conference speech. See you soon so we can celebrate, too.

Mary Hershey said...

I love this Launch Day post MUCH! And you have the Best Friends ever. I want to write a book about hamsters just so I can get one of those muffin-stuffed hamster wheels!! And the box of books and the roses!

You deserve all this and M-0-R-E, of course!

Love and hugs,
Mary Hershey

Wild About Words said...

Sylvia, thanks so much for your lovely thoughts. Can't wait to celebrate with our gang, too.
Mary, yes, friends are the best. And I'd share my hamster wheel goodies with you except, um, I ate everything already!