April 8, 2010

Five Days?


Gene Hull, book reviewer for Florida Scripps Newspapers, wrote a lovely review of my new book.

After reading his review, I realized MY BOOK COMES OUT IN FIVE DAYS!

I've been so absorbed in the world of Olivia Bean, young trivia whiz who will do anything to get on Kids Week on Jeopardy!, that I forgot about the new book release . . . until my friend Deb sent me an e-mail: "Hey, what are you doing to celebrate your book's release on Tuesday?"

"Um . . . "

"We're going out for sushi, then to look for your book in Barnes and Noble."

"Okay. Thanks, Deb!"

Olivia Bean hasn't been the only think occupying what little brain space I have left after dealing with two teenage boys.

These guys have been wearing me out . . . in a good way.

Benji, in a rare non-chewing moment

Teddy, getting some attention from hubby.

What we get to come home to each day.

Life is good. And hey, I have a new book coming out in five days. Wahoo!


Anonymous said...

The last pic of the two of them looking out the window is great. Looks like they're real buds.


Wild About Words said...

Yeah, Dan snapped that one. It's my favorite.