April 20, 2010

Good News and a Contest!

My editor just shared the wonderful news that How to Survive Middle School went into its SECOND printing, after being in the world less than a week! Go, Hammy!

Olivia Bean, Trivia Queen, my third book, is finally finished (for now) and on my agent's desk. I had so much fun learning quirky trivia and about the show Jeopardy!. (Yes, it's supposed to have an exclamation point after it. I mean . . .!!!!!)

A big thank you to Cindy Hudson for her review at The Mother Daughter Book Club. Check out Cindy's book!

Now, onto that contest: The LOVELY LADIES, Mary Hershey and Robin LaFevers, at Shrinking Violet Promotions have launched my novel with a giveaway. Answer a question on their blog, and you'll be in the running to win a nifty autographed copy of How to Survive Middle School. (Rumor has it Hammy will sign it as well.)

Spread the hamster love!

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