August 12, 2012

I Don't Want to Keep You in Suspense . . .

So I'll let April Henry keep you in suspense.

She writes gripping thrillers for teens and adults.

Author April Henry

 I just finished her latest . . .

The Night She Disappeared kept me riveted.  The mystery of a kidnapped pizza delivery girl (the wrong pizza delivery girl) was told in several points of view -- the victim, her co-workers, even the perp.  The book was peppered with interesting items:  a note written in blood, a fortune from a fortune cookie, an autopsy report, a transcript from a talk show, etc.

I knew I'd love this book because I loved April Henry's Girl Stolen, about a blind girl who was kidnapped and had to find a way to escape.

For writers:  April Henry generously shared 6-1/2 tips on how to create suspense in fiction on this blog.

And she has a great video on her Web site about how she writes mysteries.

Thanks, April, for keeping me up waaaaay too late with your suspenseful mysteries!

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