August 3, 2007

Favorite Book Friday

This is my favorite children’s book that has hubby’s name in the title:

When our boys were little (and didn’t have video game controllers and telephones permanently attached to their hands), hubby would put on his best ten-gallon cowboy voice and read the PUNderful text of Deputy Dan and the Bank Robbers.

I’d overhear great lines like this: “Deputy Dan, please answer the door.”

“You want me to answer the door?”

“Yes. Please answer the door.”

“Okay, boss.” And this goofy cartoon deputy faces the door and says, “Hello, door!”

When Deputy Dan is told to “check” the bank for clues, he takes his trusty marker and makes check marks all over the bank.

The author, Joseph Rosenbloom, will never know how many laughs he provided to children (and the adults reading to them). I want to tell him that Deputy Dan brought many giggles to the Gephart household.

So, Amelia Bedelia, Queen ‘O Punderful books for young readers, sorry to tell you honey, but there’s a new sheriff in town!


Don Tate II said...

Great idea! Favorite Book Friday.

Anonymous said...

Deputy Dan. What a great character!