August 29, 2007

Save the World on a Wednesday

Of course, you could help save the world on a Tuesday or even a Friday, but why would you want to? When you help save the world on a Wednesday, you not only improve our planet, but you get the added bonus of using wild, wonderful “Wednesday” and “World” alliteration.

And folks, what could possibly be better than that?

Perhaps a cappuccino . . . or a cat nap.

But since we’re all wide away. We are all wide awake, aren’t we? Zzzzz. “Um, I’m up. What was the question?”

The question was: How can we help save the world on a Wednesday?

Well loyal readers (which, I believe, consist of my friend, Christina, my third cousin on my father’s side and, if she’s not busy vomiting on our WHITE carpet, our cat, Jasmine), the answer comes in the form of some eye-opening facts . . .

From the August issue of Spirit Magazine (Southwest Airlines's publication):

We use two million barrels of oil every day to make plastic.

That represents about 10 percent of the nation's total oil consumption. Even so, 72 percent of Americans don't know that plastic is made from oil and 40 percent believe that plastic tossed into the trash will eventually biodegrade in a landfill. (It won't.) The average American believes (mistakenly) that about 40 percent of plastic is eventually recycled. The actual figure is less than 6 percent.

So, loyal readers, how can we help save the world on a Wednesday? Same way we can help save the world every other day . . .


The Suprans said...

Yay Recycling! Donna, I think you'd be glad to know I recycle in my class. I took my extra bins (remember when they kept dropping off new ones a few months back?) and took them to school. It was originally for Earth Day, but I've kept up with it.

Wild About Words said...

Three cheers for recycling in your classroom. And three cheers for your students who are so lucky to have a creative, motivated teacher!

Anonymous said...

You have pets and a white carpet?