August 23, 2007


Betcha didn’t even know I was gone.

Well, I was. I spent a few glorious days in PA with family and friends.

My girlfriend Jeanne, her friend Spidey and I spent three hours hiking here. It was about 67 degrees -- a refreshing departure from South Florida heat and humidity. While hiking, we discovered a covered bridge, corn fields, a small waterfall, lovely views and lots and lots of horse poop.

Also spent time with family doing the following: eating sushi (Thanks, El!), watching my brother-in-law wrestle my youngest son in the pool (Go, Jake – both of you), sipping margaritas poolside with my awesome sisters-in-law (Cheers, Alane and Janet), laughing till my sides hurt while playing Mexican train with my family (Cheating’s never been so funny, Jay) and pigging out at this restaurant (Thanks, Den & Mike) where fifteen of us shared meals and desserts that looked like this:

and got cute photos there like this:

Kim and Czar Jake

And there was the rockin’ barbeque (Thanks, Chef Den!) where my old college buddy came with her two girls (Yo, Barb!).

Got to see my oldest son eat things like a two-foot hoagie (Yes, they’re called “hoagies” in Philadelphia) from this place. And I also got to watch him devour things like this plate of desserts:

Just give me a Philadelphia soft pretzel drenched in mustard, thank you very much.

Had dinner at this lovely vegetarian restaurant with this lovely friend:

Donna and Jeanne, before stuffing themselves silly at Blue Sage.

There was more. Our boys went to the King Tut exhibit. They played miniature golf and went out to eat. Often. We all laughed and hugged and ate -- all the things family and friends should do together. Often.

Spending time with family and friends has totally renewed my spirit.

And now it’s time to get back to work. That means you’ll find me here . . .

doing what I do best – banging my head against the keyboard and occasionally -- writing!


Anonymous said...

Families are wonderful. Sounds like you had a lovely time.

Anonymous said...

I want that dessert.. the one with the chocolate and berries. The pretzel sounds good, too!

Glad you had a good time and charged your batteries. I know how important that is. (I'm running a little low, but at least the possum appears to be gone, so i won't complain!)