September 7, 2007

Birthdays and Monkey Brains

My favorite person in the universe turns 41 today . . .

No, not our dog, Lady. My hubby extraordinaire -- Dan the Man. He’s the guy who supports my crazy writing habit. He’s also the guy who keeps me sane while parenting teenagers. He makes me laugh, but is always there if I need to cry. He’s the punniest, funniest, most interesting guy I know. And I’m so lucky to be married to him. Even when he’s not playing his guitar, he rocks!

So, if you get a moment, drop him birthday greetings at dangephartathotmaildotcom. Even if you don’t know him, drop him a quick note. Heck, especially if you don’t know him. It’s more fun that way.

You could also send birthday greetings to Lady. She has a September birthday as well. But she doesn’t have an e-mail address.

And now for something completely off topic . . .

Because I’m a very mature and responsible adult, I started my morning by eating something practical and good for me – oatmeal. Of course, this tasty treat came in this box:

Yes, I ate MONKEY BRAINS for breakfast. Ha ha. Take that, Selwyn! How many people can say that? Monkey Brains – what a cool way to get kids to want to eat oatmeal?! Thankfully, they didn’t call it something like, um, PELICAN POOP or DINOSAUR DROPPINGS.

I think I’d better go now. I’m getting completely out of hand. Besides, there’s a birthday to be celebrated!!!

Hugs and happy weekend,



Anonymous said...

You are so funny and what a beautiful thing to share about your husband. We love him too, but not like that.
We love you all,

Anonymous said...

monkey brains , hum, thats totally disgusting, but thanks for sharing, selwyn...

Anonymous said...

That really is a cool name for a breakfast cereal