September 19, 2007


Warning: This contest may cause carpal tunnel syndrome, severe word nerdiness and cause you to lose time from more important activities, like writing, reading, communicating with other human beings and playing other word games like Scrabble.

If you’re foolish enough to continue, your mission is as follows:

(Hint: These are the rules.)

1. Go to

2. Play the game. (It’s fun! And free!)

3. Submit your score with the name: JOE KING

4. No, I’m not Joking.

5. The first person to beat my score (155,580) and post that score as a comment on my blog will win a prize.

6. Yes, an actual prize. (Hint: It will involve words and paper, but not be my latest utility bill.)

7. You must live in the United States to collect the prize (because I’m too cheap to mail overseas).

8. You must be under 143 years of age to enter this contest.

9. You must like reading silly rules.

10. Deadline (because we creative types LOVE deadlines) is this Sunday, the 23rd at 6 p.m. Eastern time.

Have fun . . . and don’t say I didn’t warn you!!!


Anonymous said...

I was so excited when I beat your score the first time I tried the game, Donna! Then I realized that your high score was not 15,000, but 150,000.


This game is much, much too addicting!

David LaRochelle

Carly said...

I was really excited to try to beat your score until I played the game a few times and realized that I couldn't beat your score even if I was given a million years to try.

I guess it is somewhat of a consolation prize to know that I beat David's score, though? If I can't beat the score of a true word nerd, at least I can beat the initial score of another author whose work I truly love (I'm not trying to suck up, I swear!).

Anonymous said...

I am so behind on everything. Please, please, please don't get me addicted on another Net thing!

Constance McLennan said...

I'm way behind your deadline, but that's how long it took me to get the strategy to beat your score (*%#@ addicting game.) Right now I'm #4, with 180,380.

Wild About Words said...

Hey, Connie,

Just saw your comment.

YOU GO, GIRL! I'm impressed with your Wordy score in a word nerd sort of way.

And I love your illustrations.


Obsessedwithlife said...

Heehee. I beat your score last night! I am #93 Rachel B- 183,560!

I couldn't believe it!

Had to tell you :)