September 14, 2007

Creatively Connected

We writers often create in isolation.

But, in many ways, we are not alone . . .

We have our characters to keep us company while at our keyboards.

Or, if writing in a coffee shop or library, other patrons.

Our writing groups inspire us and gently guide us along our writing paths.

There are conferences to provide spark to our creative batteries and remind us of others creating in rooms of their own.

If all goes well, we have our readers – with whom we connect, entertain, inform, delight and keep company, so they, too, feel less alone.

And when none of that is available at the moment, we can connect via the Internet.

Here are two Web sites you might want to explore:

1. Patricia Newman interviews children’s book authors. On her Web site, you’ll find profiles of dozens of children’s book authors.

2. Claire Cook, author of books for adults, offers this advice to aspiring writers.

And Lisa Bullard’s YOU CAN WRITE A STORY! (a Story-Writing Recipe for Kids) -- a how-to book for budding authors in the form of a cookbook -- is now available.

Because we are all connected and in this together, I wish you a wildly creative weekend and the happiest of writing trails,


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder that I'm not alone! If anyone else is feeling in need of charging their batteries, look for me at the National Writers Workshop in Ft. Lauderdale at the end of the month(