March 4, 2009

Jumping the Shark

One day, hubby returned from a conference with a rubber shark printed with the name and address of a business. He's brought home giveaways before -- canvas tote bags, T-shirts, pens, key rings, but never a rubber shark.

The next day, hubby found the shark at the bottom of his water glass.

I discovered Sharky, the day after that, in the pocket of my favorite jeans.

Hmm. Where would he show up next?

Well, Sharky had a rough night sipping sarsaparilla and needed a few aspirin as evidenced by this photo.

(Bad Sharky!)

Next time Hubby went out of town for a conference, he opened his suitcase to find Sharky grinning at him from atop his suit jacket.

Safely back home, Sharky got into my hair scrunchies.

(Doesn't he look glamorous?)

Well, it's my turn to surprise hubby with Sharky's new location.

Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

put it inside his coat pocket!! (maybe with a lil note) or maybe in his underwear drawer that would be funny

Wild About Words said...

Good ideas!