March 26, 2009

Greetings from the Land of Revision . . .

It's just down the literary lane from the State of Confusion and the Isle of Insanity. I'll be hanging out here for another weak, er, week or so . . . then it's time to pack up my finished manuscript and head off to Deadlineville, where my editor will be waiting.

I realize I'm in the Land of Revision because I show up late for everything, pour cold cereal and call it dinner and grouch at my hubby and kids every time they do something unconscionable, like breathe within a five-mile radius of me.

At times like these, I stop and remind myself: Hey, Self, it's not like you're doing pediatric brain surgery here.

And everything falls into perspective.

But then I wonder: When things get really stressful, what do pediatric brain surgeons tell themselves? Relax; it's not like you're writing a children's book here.

And with that thought, I'll paddle back down the River of Revisions, where I'll fight cliches to the death, cut adverbs mercilessly and delete everything that's not absolutely

While I'm busy revising, be excellent editors and don't let your participles dangle!

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