March 17, 2009


Went for a mini-adventure in Pennsylvania this past weekend. Of course, it began with a lunch of a Philadelphia soft pretzel and frozen custard at Rita's.

Then, as soon as I set foot in Tyler State Park, I was greeted by this sign . . .

Clever poster reminding folks to get outside. So, I did . . .

Tyler State Park

Had a great time with my friends Jeanne and Steve and their lovely children.

Jared, their youngest, and his faithful assistant, Max, are budding architects . . .

Their oldest daughter, Cara, woke one morning, laid trash bags on her bedroom carpet and worked for hours painting the barn behind their home . . .

Daughter Elyssa handed me a little clay doll she'd created. "It's Vanessa," she said, "from your book." Here's Elyssa holding Vanessa . . .

And because Vanessa is made from Sculpey clay, she was put on a cookie sheet to bake with the other clay creations the children made.

Vanessa had an unfortunate accident . . .

We couldn't figure out what had happened to -- gulp! -- poor Vanessa's legs, until Elyssa said, "Um, I might have, er, used Chuck E. Cheese clay on her legs."

No worries. The cookie sheet survived the melted legs catastrophe, Vanessa was repaired with Sculpey clay and now sits beside me on my desk.

When we weren't melting the legs off of clay dolls, we spent some time with friends doing what we do best -- the Can Can!

June, Me, Jeanne and Sandee

But the reason I visited Pennsylvania was to attend the lovely baby shower of our niece, Susan:

And here's the happy father-to-be, our nephew, Steve:

It was great to catch up with my sisters and brothers-in-law, nieces, nephews, aunts and friends.

Leigh and Kim

Leigh & Kirk's cute, imaginative son, Matt . . .

And, of course, the dogs-in-law . . .


Sydney Matilda

After the baby shower, it was time to "Get out!"so I hopped onto a Southwest plane. Even though I was one of the last people on, I ended up sitting in the first seat, first row with miles of leg room. If it were any other airline, I'd have been in first class. Flying with Southwest always feels like first class. They are all about great customer service and having a fun time. When it comes to Southwest, I'm always feelin' the LUV!

So, I leaned back, opened a good book (The Book That Changed My Life -- 71 Remarkable Writers Celebrate the Books That Matter Most to Them, edited by Roxanne J. Coady & Joy Johannessen) and headed back to hubby, the kids and sunny South Florida.

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